Funeral Held for Slain Bahraini Woman, Family Says Killer was Likely Harassing her

2016-12-26 - 4:59 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A funeral ceremony was held today on Sunday (December 25, 2016) at the Muharraq cemetary for Bahraini sports journalist Iman Salehi, who was killed at the hands of  Bahraini military officer.

Information say that the officer who shot her in the head in the Riffa area, west of the capital Manama, on Friday while she was driving  vehicle accompanied by her six-year-old son, is a member of the ruling Al Khalifa family.

The Salehi family stressed that what was circulated on social media websites was completely not true, noting that the only witness to this crime is the late Iman's son, who is still in shock as a result of witnessing the brutal death of his mother.

Salehi's family called on everyone to rely on accuracy in spreading information related to the incident, and respect the emotions of her grieving family, placing all their trust in the judiciary to bring the perpetrator of this heinous crime to justice.

"We think that it is likely that the perpetrator was stalking our daughter, and stopped her to giver her his phone number, and because she did not respond to him favorably, they got into an argument that led him to committing this crime. Regardless of the motive, nothing justifies the killing of another human being, let alone killing a mother in front of her child," Salehi's parents further stated.


وزير الإعلام السابق يكرم القتيلة صالحي

Former Information Minister honoring slain Iman Salehi

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