Bahraini Citizen Held in KSA Custody for 10 Months, Family Demands Foreign Ministry Intervention

2016-12-24 - 6:00 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The family of Bahraini citizen detained in Saudi Arabia, called on Bahrain's Foreign Ministry to intervene in its son's case, as he has been in custody for 10 months there, without knowing the reason behind his arrest.

The 37-year old detainee, Khaled Abdul Nabi, is a resident of the Nuwaidrat area, and has four kids. His family said, "Khaled traveled months ago to Jeddah airport, where he was arrested, and we were not able to contact him but after 6 months after that. He called us to inform us he is under arrest in Dammam prison. Around a month after that, he called to inform us that he was transferred to a prison in Riyadh, without telling us the reason behind his arrest or detention."

According to Al-Wasat newspaper, the family further stated, "Two months ago, his parents were allowed the visit at the Riyadh prison. Two weeks after that, we were granted another visit. He told us he stood before court and was questioned over his name and nationality, without discussing the topic of his arrest."

Moreover, Khaled's family clarified, "It seems that Khaled sold a car to a Saudi a while ago while he was in Bahrain. Its owner was caught by the KSA customs for smuggling alcohol in it. Then Khaled was arrested in Bahrain for questioning over his ownership of the car. He showed the paper that proved the purchase, and he was therefore released."

"After this incidence in 4 months, he was arrested in Jeddah, and despite telling them that he sold the car and he has the papers to prove the selling, they kept him in custody in Riyadh to try him," the family went on to say.

Khaled's family indicated that it has communicated with various competent apparatuses, starting with the Bahraini Foreign Ministry, and Bahraini Embassy in Riyadh, hoping they would communicating with official apparatuses in Saudi Arabia, to clarify the reason behind his arrest, and work on his release.

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