Meet Ali Al-Nuaimi: Minister’s Son Who Left Work for 7 Months, Returned with PhD

2016-12-22 - 12:34 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights sources informed Bahrain Mirror that the Office of Financial and Administrative Control stated in its latest report that an employee at the National Institute for Human Rights was absent for 7 months, without being held accountable by anyone in the institute that paid over 17,000 dinars from its budget, in salary form to this employee, during the time he was absent.

According to sources, this employee is "Ali", the son of the Minister of Education Majid Al-Nuaimi, who was appointed to work at the institute based on a system of "favoritism and corruption" which festers in Bahraini regime institutions.

The ironic part is that Ali Majid Al-Nuaimi seemed to have benefited from the period of his absence to prepare a PhD Thesis on the "Civil Servant Errors". The Bahrain News Agency (BNA) published a piece reporting that Ali Al Nuaimi visited the Head of the Civil Service Bureau, and presented him with a copy of his doctoral thesis. Al-Nuaimi's doctorate which he received from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies of The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization. The research was on the state's responsibility towards the public (government) employee's errors in the field of work (a comparative study).

After receiving his doctorate degree, Al-Nuaimi was then transferred to the University of Bahrain, where his father heads the Board of Trustees. What is even more ironic is that in 2004, they had claimed that the University of Bahrain relies on precise standards in the selection of deputies, deans and directors of academic programs, and through a specific mechanism in accordance with the law. However, they said, "there would be no need to declare these standards, since the selection standards are clear for everyone, especially that the decree by law that regulates appointments was published in the official Gazette in May 1986".

Majid Ali Al-Nuaimi had started promoting himself as a rights activist in 2014, through a series of articles published in the local Al-Ayyam newspaper, whose owner Nabeel Yacoob Al-Hamar who is also the King's advisor for information affairs and editor in chief Issa Al Shayji have considerable mutual interests with Al-Nuaimi's father.

A report by the Office of Financial and Administrative Control reported that the National Institute for Human Rights had unrightfully paid an amount of 17,542 dinars to an employee, throughout the period of his absence from work, starting from April 1, 2015 until October 30, 2015, without providing any justifications, or taking any disciplinary action against him.

The institute's response to the Office's note was that it agrees with its recommendations on the grounds of learning the reasons behind paying the aforementioned employee's salary while he was absent. It further said it consequently issued several recommendations of its own, and hence in 2015, the employee was transferred to the University of Bahrain.

However, this prompted the control office to respond to the Institute, stressing that it still did not provide any justifications for paying the employee despite his absence and not taking legal actions against him.

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