PHOTOS: Bahrainis Protest on Martyr Day Eve, Regime Forces Disperse Crowds with Teargas Canisters

2016-12-18 - 2:31 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini citizens protested (Friday December 16, 2016) on the eve on Martyr Day, marked December 17 each year, commemorating the memory of victims in the 90s uprising. During that uprising, people demanded the end of emergency law, and the activation of constitutional and parliamentary life.

Bahraini areas witnessed various protests that demanded the authorities to be fair, and the Al Khalifa monarchy's control over the regime.

Police forces responses with firing teargas canisters and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds.

This incident comes at the time when the official authorities are celebration Bahrain's National Day.

تظاهرات عشية ذكرى عيد الشهداء1

تظاهرات عشية ذكرى عيد الشهداء2

تظاهرات عشية ذكرى عيد الشهداء3

تظاهرات عشية ذكرى عيد الشهداء4

تظاهرات عشية ذكرى عيد الشهداء5


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