Stars and Stripes: ISIS Calls for Attacks on US Bases in Bahrain

2016-12-13 - 4:40 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A US Army-affiliated website "Stars and Stripes" said that "the Islamic State (ISIS) has called on its followers to carry out attacks in Bahrain, including on U.S. installations, presumably including the U.S. 5th Fleet." 

"The muzzles of your weapons should not miss those American bases where from military aircraft took off to pour their flames on the monotheists in the territories of Islam," one Islamic State fighter says, according to a transcript provided by the U.S. jihadi-monitoring SITE Intelligence Group, according to the AP, Stars and Stripes further added.

The website moreover indicated that fighter in the video appears to be referencing the use of Bahrain-based bases to support air operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, it noted that "the prime purpose of the Islamic State [ISIS] video, released earlier this week, appeared to be to inspire attacks on the country's Shiite majority population. The Islamic State has sought to foment discord between that group, which forms the majority of the population, and minority Sunnis, who include the country's ruling family and many members of its security forces."

Moreover, the website went on to say, "The video also showed images of other Bahrain targets, including the country's air force, the Bahrain-based Gulf Air airline, the King Fahd Causeway which links the island to the Saudi mainland, and other sites in the country's capital, The Associated Press reported."

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