Bahrain Mirror and Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation Take Part in Beirut Arab International Book Fair

2016-12-06 - 2:44 ص

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Bahrain Mirror and Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation are taking part in the Beirut Arab International Book Fair that takes place in Beirut between December 1-14, 2016.

The two institutions are exhibiting their books at the same pavilion for the second consecutive year.

Bahrain Mirror is showcasing "An Invitation to Laughter" book by the Lebanese sociologist Fuad Khuri. The book is a biography of a professor and Arab anthropologist who presented one of the most important social and political publications about Bahrain; "The Tribe and State". Bahrain occupies an important part of Fuad Khuri's biography that he documented in "An Invitation to Laughter" which is published in the Arabic language for the first time.

During the book fair, Awal Centre is presenting its recent publications for 2016 "Mr. Ambassador: Mohammad Javad Zarif". The book is a lengthy political and diplomatic dialogue carried out with the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs who was serving as Iran's ambassador to the UN at that time. The book was admired by many of the book fair's visitors. The Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper listed it among the 15 recommended books for readers.

Awal centre also issued "God of Monstrosity" by Dr. Ali Al-Dairy. This book seeks to read the political and ideological context of the Takfir texts and Wahabism during the establishment of the first Saudi state. This book is a continuation to "Texts of Monstrosity" by Dr. Al-Dairy that was published last year.

The centre also exhibits two Arabic translated books: "Group Conflict and Political Mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf" by Justin Gengler and "After the Sheikhs: The Coming Collapse of the Gulf Monarchies" by Christopher Davidson.

"Plea of Dignity: Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr" book can also be found at the book fair. This book was issued by Bahrain Mirror in collaboration with Kytos Cultural Center.

Bahrain Mirror is showcasing "Walls of 14 February: Bahraini Revolution Graffiti", "Photo Shadowed by Death", ""ISIS Are Among Us...The Bahraini Government and the Rise of Jihadi Islam", "Bahraini Doctors: A Thorn to the Regime", "The Bahraini Judiciary: Terrorist Pretexts Versus Democratic Demands" as well as the series of the field's outcomes issued by Bahrain Mirror annually.

"DAI'SH (ISIS): From Najdi To Baghdadi Nostalgia of Caliphate" by Fouad Ibrahim, "A Record of Protest" by Abbas Al-Morshid and "Wall of Silence: Downfall of Authoritarianism" by Al-Morshid are also available at Awal's pavilion.

Visitors can also find "Luminaries of Islamic Culture in Bahrain during 14 Centuries" by Dr. Salem Al-Nuwaidri, Sheikh Jaafar Al-Khati's Diwan as well as the historical series issued by the center.









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