Wa’ad Demands to Unveil Fate of Citizen Forcibly Disappeared since 40 Days

2016-12-04 - 1:11 ص

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) expressed its deep concerns at the enforced disappearance of Bahraini citizen Sayed Alawi Sayed Hussein and considered his disappearance a constitutional and legal violation incriminated by the international law. It is to mention that Sayed Alawi has been forcibly disappeared since about 40 days.

Wa'ad considered Sayed Alawi's enforced disappearance from his workplace and not allowing his family to visit him a blatant violation to the human rights.

The society said in a statement that not disclosing the situation and well-being of Sayed Alawi or allowing his family to visit him put the competent parties in front of legal and ethical responsibilities.

Wa'ad expressed its bewilderment regarding the silence of the Criminal Investigation Department and Public Prosecution concerning the statements issued by of one the MPs and some parties that claimed knowing the place of Sayed Alawi. It also expressed its surprise as the public prosecution did not present any information about Alawi to his lawyers.

"Sayed Alawi disappeared after his last call to his family at 3 PM on Monday, October 24, 2016, according to the family statements. His family did not get any response from the Ministry of Interior regarding the reason behind his disappearance or place, especially after the family clarified that armed civilian cars raided his workplace and arrested him at 4 PM of the same day, during his meeting with a number of engineers in Qalali Park where he works for Batelco. After more than one month since he disappeared, he called his family and seemed exhausted. Alawi's call raised concerns about his well-being. His family fears he is being tortured," the society further stated.

Wa'ad demanded the administration of the Criminal Investigation Department, Public Prosecution, Ombudsman and Bahraini Institution for Human Rights to bear the responsibility and unveil its stance for the public opinion regarding the enforced disappearance of Sayed Alawi, disclose his place and allow his family to visit him and his lawyer to consider his situation and defend him.

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