Saudi Arabia: 3 New Death Penalties against Dissidents from Al-Qatif

2016-12-04 - 12:38 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh issued on Wednesday (November 30, 2016) 3 new death penalties against citizens from Tarout, in Qatif in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

The electronic Khabir newspaper said that the convicts are "Abdullah Adel Al-Oujan, Mohammad Al Khatem and Jaber Zuheir Al-Marhoun." All of them were arrested on 27 Rabi Al Thani 1435.

According to local media outlets, the court issued a primary provision against 4 suspects, sentencing 3 of them to death penalty and imprisoning the 4th for 12 years in over "attacking the ruler by arms and shooting against security patrols and governmental buildings in Qatif."

The number of death row convicts in Qatif has reached 33 youths.

According to the lawyer and human rights defender Taha Al-Haji, the sentences against 5 death row prisoners became final. The 5 are "Yousif Al-Moshaykhes, Amjad Al-Moaibed, Ali Mohammad Al-Nimr, Daoud Hussein Al-Marhoun and Abdullah Hassan Al-Zaher".

Al-Haji has already warned that the situation of the 3 is dangerous, saying "they are in serious danger and they may be executed at any time."

Human rights organizations doubt the integrity of judicial sentences issued by the Saudi courts because they lack the international standards and their judges are assigned by royal orders.

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