Amnesty Calls for Urgent Action to Release Sayed Alawi Al-Musawi

2016-12-02 - 8:10 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Amnesty International called in a statement it published on its website to urgently take action and ask the Bahraini authorities to immediately release Sayed Alawi and comply with the international laws and standards.

The organization called on its followers to write to urge the Bahraini authorities to release Al-Sayed Alawi Hussein al-Alawi's unless he is promptly charged with a recognizable criminal offence, in line with international law and standards, provide him with prompt and regular access to his family, lawyer and any medical attention he may require and ensure that he is protected torture or other ill-treatment while he is in their detention.

Amnesty urged people to send appeals before January 11, 2017 to King Hamad and Ministry of Interior and to send copies to the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs as well as diplomatic representatives accredited to their countries.

Al-Sayed Alawi Hussein al-Alawi was arrested at work on 24 October in Bahrain. He was allowed to call his family for the first time late at night on 27 November to tell them that he was being held at the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID). He has had no access to his lawyer since his arrest. He is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment, Amnesty further stated.

Amnesty International has documented arbitrary arrests and detentions and torture and other ill-treatment of detainees, particularly while held incommunicado and subjected to interrogation by the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID), when detainees allege they are forced to sign "confessions" for use as evidence against them or to implicate others at trial. Documented methods include beatings, forcing detainees to remain standing for long periods, sleep deprivation and keeping detainees naked.

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