Yemen: Houthis and National Congress Form “National Salvation” Government

2016-11-29 - 6:31 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Houthi state news agency SABA reported that the Supreme Political Council; the alliance between Ansarullah (Houthis) and the Popular Congress Party headed by former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, announced the formations of a new "National Salvation" Government on Monday (November 28, 2016). 

The Houthis had previously said that forming a government with their allies did not mean abandoning the UN-sponsored peace process.

SABA news agency reported that the Political Council stressed that "the government, which was formed amid the difficult conditions experienced by the country, is tasked with putting in order the internal situation and confronting the aggression economically, militarily, and politically."

"The Council noted that this comes amid the intransigence of the aggression and its (Yemeni) mercenaries to move within the framework of a national solution ... to spare the country further bloodshed and destruction," the news agency went on to say.

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