Only 1,274 Bahrainis Employed in Private Sector in 1 Year

2016-11-29 - 2:21 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Labor Market Regulatory Authority revealed in its statistics for the second quarter of 2016, that the Bahraini labor increased by only 1,274 Bahrainis in a whole year, in comparison with the same period of last year 2015.

The Authority indicated in its statistics published in al-Wasat local newspaper (Sunday November 20, 2016), that the number of national labor in the country reached 159,711 workers in the second quarter of the current year 2016, while the number in the same period last year 2015 reached 158,437. Therefore, the increase marked is only 0.8%.

In contrast, the Labor Market Regulatory Authority explained in the statistics for the second quarter of 2016, that the total foreign labor reached 595,151 workers. At the end of 2015, the number of foreign workers was 566,785. This notes that in 6 months, the foreign labor percentage increased by 7.8% per year, according to the Authority.

According to official statistics mentioned, it means that the average number of foreign workers who find jobs in Bahrain is 4727 foreigners each month.

Moreover, the Labor Authority said that "it issued 49,538 permits for the employment category for this quarter of the year, estimated to be 32.8%."

It also pointed out that "the share of small enterprises employing less than 10 workers amounted to 53.3% of total work permits issued during the second quarter of this year for the labor category."

In addition, it went on to say that "the wages of Bahrainis settled in the second quarter of this year at 517 Bahraini dinars, with a slight annual percentage increase by 0.6%, in comparison with 514 Bahraini dinars in the same quarter of 2015."

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