Bahraini Interior Ministry: Ebrahim Sharif Summoned for Meeting Official at Foreign Embassy

2016-11-19 - 12:44 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Interior Ministry said that Ebrahim Sharif (a prominent Bahraini opposition figure) was summoned for meeting an official at a foreign embassy and "discussing matters related to the country's internal affairs," claiming that "it is considered an interference in Bahrain's sovereign affairs."

The Interior Ministry further stated that Sharif said he has no special relation with that embassy and that they called him and requested that they meet him since he is a human rights activist. Sharif added that the meeting focused on discussing the conditions surrounding his summons by the Interior Ministry over the article published by Associated Press quoting him about Prince Charles' latest visit to the island kingdom. Sharif noted that during his meeting with the embassy official, he did not speak of anything that constitutes a violation of the law or harms national sovereignty.

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