Parliamentary Proposal Suggests Appointing Military, Security, Legal Attaches in 4 Bahraini Embassies Abroad

2016-11-12 - 11:37 م

Bahrain Mirror: Members of Parliament demanded the government to appoint new military, security, and legal attaches in Bahraini 4 embassies abroad. This comes in light of the "vicious attacks Bahrain faces from international organizations and parties that support instability and insecurity in the country."

The Foreign Affairs committee approved the proposal stating the desire to appoint the attaches in the Bahraini Embassies in the USA, UK, Germany, and Russia. Members of Parliament are scheduled to vote for the aforementioned proposal in their meeting next Tuesday (November 15, 2016).

The committee said it spoke to the Foreign Ministry to see its opinion on the proposal, yet it did not receive any response. The committee clarified the reasons behind its proposal saying that it is "due to what the Kingdom of Bahrain is facing of vicious attacks by international organizations and parties that support insecurity and instability in the country, and due to what the region and the world is facing of terrorist attacks that limit peace and security."

It further confirmed "the importance of appointing military, security, and legal attaches to increase the level of international cooperation and coordination on these levels specifically." It also stressed on preparing the attaches to be able to perform their duties, and going through all previous governmental measures to study their effectiveness and find alternatives in case they were proven ineffective.

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