Wa’ad Demands Release of Ghada Jamshir for Humanitarian Reasons, Deteriorating Health Status

2016-11-09 - 3:49 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) demanded the release of detained activists Ghada Jamshir, who was arrested by the Bahraini authorities last August 15, in the country's international airport.

In a statement issued (Sunday November 8, 2016), Wa'ad said that Jamshir "is still in the women's prison in Isa Town, serving a prison sentence over criticisms posts on social media platforms over corruption allegations. On June 22, 2016, she was sentenced to one year in prison after the appeal, in 4 different cases based on a "tweet" she posted, charging her with more than 12 charges."

On this level, Wa'ad clarified that the health status of Ghada Jamshir is deteriorating, as she suffers from rheumatic arthritis, an issue that requires specialized treatment, as recommended by a public health doctor. The prison administration has repeatedly refused the request to provide her the necessary specialized medical care.

Furthermore, the National Democratic Action Society expressed its deep concern regarding the prosecution of activists, lawyers, and politicians, and targeting them based on their opinions posted o social media platforms. The society believed this as a "blatant violation of freedom of opinion and expression."

Moreover, Wa'ad demanded the Bahraini authorities to "take into account the humanitarian aspects of her health status, and release her, resort to the language of dialogue and stop the negative media campaigns, and whatever harms the civil peace and security." It also called on the authorities to work on planting the culture of dialogue instead of violence and hatred.

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