Court Adjourns Trial of al-Wefaq’s Sheikh Hassan Isa until Nov. 8

2016-11-08 - 4:04 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court adounred the trial of al-Wefaq's figure Sheikh Hassan Isa, who is accused of funding a "terrorist group", along with 23 others accused of killing police officers, and attempted killing of six others. The trial was adjourned until November 8, 2016, to listen to witness testimonies.

Authorities have charged Sheikh Hassan Isa of "funding a terrorist group", to help the families of those detained or convicted by the authorities, on the basis of political cases.

Chief of Terror Crime Prosecution, Attorney General Ahmad al-Hamadi, announced previously the end of investigations into an incident of forming an illegal terrorist group that bombed an Interior Ministry vehicle, and caused the death of two members of the security forces and injured 6 others. Moreover, 24 defendants were referred to specialized court, 12 of which are detained, and accused of establishing, managing a terrorist group against law regulations, joining it, and funding it. They were also accused of killing a member of the police force, attempted killing of other members, causing a bomb, and training to use weapons for terrorist use. Moreover, among the charges were accommodating fugitive convicts, and leaving and entering the Kingdom of Bahrain in illegal ways.

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