Shiite Cleric Exposed to Deliberate Medical Negligence in Jaw Prison

2016-11-05 - 10:06 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Naim Detainees Committee said that Shiite cleric Sheikh Mounir Al-Maatouk is exposed to deliberate medical negligence in Jaw prison, after the prison's administration refused to allow him receive medical clutch that he needs due to his knee pains and to change his bed, which increased his back pains.

The family said that the prison's administration refused to allow the entry of back pain medication, although the prison's doctor allowed the family to provide him with the medications. The administration also banned the family from handing the Sheikh a medical shoes that he uses to walk.

The family indicated that Sheikh Al-Maatouk "suffers from complications of an incident he was exposed to before his arrest. He is in bad need of medical care. He suffers from diabetes and must be provided with special meals."

It is to mention that the authorities summoned Al-Maatouk on August 9, 2016 for interrogation over Diraz protest held outside Sheikh Isa Qassim's house. The authorities decided to detain Al-Maatouk to present him to the Public Prosecution. However, on the following day, the prosecution decided to arrest him for 15 days pending investigation. He was then referred imprisoned to the minor criminal court that sentenced him on (September 21, 2016) to a full year imprisonment.

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