Sheikh Hani Al-Banaa Accused of Inciting Hatred against Regime Based on Lecture he Delivered in Ashura

2016-11-04 - 9:49 م

Bahrain Mirror: The prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Hani Al-Banaa said that the authorities charged him with "inciting hatred against the regime and disobedience of law" based on a lecture he delivered in Ashura.

He added in an interview with Al-Wasat that the lecture over which he was referred to trial included that: "Imam Hussain (pbhu) succeeded in making the source of Sharia be in the hands of the religious scholars and specialists and not based on the policies of statesmen and governments that throw religion back and forth," and this was deemed an incitement of disobedience of the law.

Al-Banaa denied knowing the reason behind his release, despite the public prosecution decided on Thursday (November 3, 2016) to detain him for 15 days pending investigation.

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