Wa’ad Launches 8th Conference, Confirms Adherence to Opposition Demands

2016-11-04 - 4:26 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" launched its 8th annual conference (Thursday November 3, 2016) in presence of representatives from Bahraini political societies, and Arab and Gulf parties.

The first day of the conference held at the Bahraini Engineering Society, hosted a big number of political figures and organizations, who all confirmed their adherence to the opposition demands, and the continuation of the democracy-demanding Bahraini movement.

Kuwaiti Progressive Platform representative, Ahmad al-Deen, said that despite the simple difference between the Bahraini and the Kuwaiti movement, yet the challenges in both countries are similar. He also confirmed his demands of social justice, which is based on opposing the vicious capitalism."

For his part, Ibrahim Kamal el Deen delivered a speech on behalf of the Arab National Congress, in which he stressed that, the Bahraini movement "continued despite intensified and harsh crackdown attempts, and despite the Arab and international media blackout."

"Our interpretation of the general Arab scene, and especially in Bahrain, indicates that change is coming no matter how much the new colonialist powers try to stop change," he also added, noting that "what distinguishes the Bahraini movement and "Wa'ad's" struggle, is adhering to the peaceful nature of the movement, without falling into the traps of factional feuds."

In his speech, "Wa'ad" secretary general, Radi al-Moussawi, said that the "solution is not dissolving al-Wefaq Society, closing its headquarters, confiscating its belongings, and besieging the opposition in one corner. It is rather sitting in a dialogue table." He expressed his solidarity with al-Wefaq society, and its detained secretary general, Sheikh Ali Salman, in the sensitive times Bahrain is witnessing.

Moreover, al-Moussawi went on to say, "We demanded official authorities to release all the prisoners of thought, those who were not tried, children, women, and the ill. We also demanded the complete execution of the Bahraini Fact Finding Committee's recommendations, and those of the Human Rights Council."

In addition, "Wa'ad's" secretary general confirmed that "the region is boiling with bloody crises, and the Arab countries have no choice but to establish a civil, democratic, and modern state, which is built on equal nationalism."

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