“Wa’ad” Central Committee: We Adhere to “Principle of Elected Government”

2016-11-04 - 3:18 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Central Committee of the National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) said that it discussed the repercussion of the society Secretary General Radi al-Moussawi's statements about the principle of elected government. The committee clarified al-Moussawi's statement, and reasserted its adherence to the Manama Document, which includes the principle of elected government.

The central committee called on all members of "Wa'ad" to participate effectively in its eighth conference, as it would be an important political and organizational platform, in which they can assess the work, performance, and positions of "Wa'ad".

Moreover, the committee noted the violations of freedom of assembly, indicating the prevention of gathering, protests and demonstrations in all areas of Bahrain, among which was the May 1 protest, on the occasion of International Labor Day. In addition, "Wa'ad's" central committee shed the light on the continuing limitations set on political work, political and rights activists.

Furthermore, the committee added that the criticisms addressed by local and international rights organizations and countries, about the violations of human rights in Bahrain, were responded with turning a blind eye to them. On this level, the committee listed the violations including imprisoning activists and ruling harsh verdicts against them, carrying on citizenship revocations, dissolving al-Wefaq Society, revoking the citizenship of most prominent Shiite scholar, and besieging the town of Diraz. All that, according to Wa'ad's committee, led to the increase of political and security tension in the country. Although attempts to make the crisis show as being sectarian, yet the truth is that the crisis is political and constitutional, and tackling it comes only on national basis.

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