Ansarullah Deny Targeting Mecca, Say Claims an Attempt to Turn Muslims on Each Other

2016-10-30 - 12:12 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The spokesman of Yemen's Ansarullah movement Mohammad Abdul Salam denied on Friday claims that his movement targeted the holy city of Mecca with a missile, saying that the missile targeted a military site in Jeddah. This came after an announcement by the Saudi-led coalition claimed that it intercepted a Yemeni ballistic missile 65 km away from the holy city of Mecca.

Abdul Salam said that the Saudis claim they intercepted a missile 65 km away from Mecca, the city that is dear to the heart of each Yemeni and Muslim.

"Hiding behind the sacred sanctities is merely a failure of the bloody storm that has been showing scandals against them," he went on to say, adding that the Saudis, who aim to hide their atrocities in Yemen, expressed mere hallucinations which can never be believed by sane people.

Also, the Ansarullah spokesman stressed, "Our advice to everyone is that they do not go with the flow of the aggression coalition's lies, which misled the public opinion around the Emirati ship, that it is a humanitarian ship while it really is a military ship. It then committed the massacre of the Great Hall (in Sanaa), which it tried to falsely deny."

He also noted that the coalition then had to confess to the massacre, while they blamed the mercenaries for it.

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