Bahraini Scholars Denounce Confiscation of Al-Wefaq’s Belongings: Pushing Country 3 Decades Back

2016-10-23 - 1:43 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini scholars denounced the raiding on the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society's headquarters (the largest opposition association) by the security authorities, and the confiscation of their belongings aiming at selling them in an auction.

The scholars wondered in a statement they issued on (Saturday, October 22, 2016): "Does the government think it will auction the spirits and minds of the majority of the citizens?" considering that what happened pushes the country back "more than three decades, by deleting the people's voice, practically dissolving the parliament, and exchanging the authorities' rules with ones worse than the state security law."

Scholars explained that the decisions lately issued "do not only delete the political presence of the majority, however, they officially delete their religious presence." The scholars summed up saying "the people are getting more certain in the necessity of implementing the constitution's article stipulating that "the people are the source of all the authorities" in the government, Parliament, jurisdiction and all authorities.  

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