Ministry of Justice Considers Wa’ad Visit to Ashura Gatherings in Violation to Associations Law

2016-10-19 - 6:30 م

Bahrain Mirror: Member of the National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" Yousif Al-Khaja said that the society received a notice from the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs stating that the society has violated the political associations law over its members' visit to Ashura gatherings.

"Wa'ad received a notice from Ministry of Justice stating that it violated the associations law for the visits paid by some of its leaders to Ashura gatherings and that it considers these visits political activism," Al-Khaja tweeted saying.

A delegation led by Wa'ad's former Secretary-General Ibrahim Sharif paid some visits to Ashura gatherings in different villages in Bahrain to take part in the mourning procession and stress on the national unity.

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