Bahraini Authorities Agreed on Israeli Delegation Visit to Manama to Take Part in FIFA Congress Meetings

2016-10-18 - 8:48 م

Bahrain Mirror: President of the Bahrain Football Association (BFA), Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa stressed that the Israeli Football Association (IFA) will take part in the FIFA Congress meeting that will be held in Bahrain on May 11, 2017.

Ali Al Khalifa stated to Al-Bilad newspaper that the expected visit of the Israeli delegation "comes after the Football Association took the green light from competent parties in the Kingdom of Bahrain," refusing to give this visit "political dimensions".

The Bahraini official Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa belittled the visit of the Israeli delegation to Bahrain, saying "it is sure that Bahrain's hosting of FIFA Congress is much more important than the entry of 3 members of the Israeli Football Association to Bahrain. We always see the glass as half full. It is clear that we are not the only ones who preferred politics to sports."

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