Family of Detainee Akbar Ali Demands Authorities to Transfer him Psychiatric Hospital

2016-10-18 - 6:42 م

Bahrain Mirror: Family of detainee Akbar Ali (21 years) asked the competent parties to transfer their son to the psychiatric hospital to receive treatment.

The family said that it contacted the directorate of health affairs and psychiatry as well as the executive judge to transfer Akbar to the psychiatric hospital. It also addressed the National Institution for Human Rights, met several officials in the institution and explained Akbar's situation. These parties promised the family to take action and call Jaw Prison to transfer Akbar to the psychiatric hospital.

Akbar's family further stated that their son was arrested when he was 17 (on December 5, 2012) along with number of citizens from Bilad Al-Qadeem. He was sentenced to 64 years in prison over more than 10 security cases and he is still being tried over other cases. "Akbar suffered from terrible psychological state and remained untreated for long period. The doctor in charge of treating him neglected Akbar and did not allow him to stay in the hospital, which deteriorated his situation," the family continued.

It added "Our son imagines strange things, he imagines that his whole family is dead. He suffers from epilepsy and involuntary urination. Besides, he moves live a robot."

Akbar has become more aggressive in the last period. He is held in solitary confinement time after another. He was also examined by a psychiatrist, but didn't get any better and no improvements were seen. He suffers from heart attacks and shortness of breath, and was admitted to the Al-Salmaniya hospital following these episodes. Akbar's family urged to transfer their son to receive psychological treatment by experts in the psychiatric hospital or a place that suits his bad condition.

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