HRF Asks Obama to Ban Bahraini Officials Involved in Violations from Entering America

2016-10-15 - 8:09 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Human Rights First sent a letter to the American President Barack Obama demanding him to use his left 100 days in office to help ameliorate human rights situation in the world.

With respect to Bahrain, the organization asked the American President to "back up such tough words with action by announcing visa bans on Bahraini officials credibly linked to human rights abuses or corruption"

HRF said this is "a step you could take under Presidential Proclamations 8697 and 7750, respectively."

Human Rights First asked Obama to work on the refugees' file, change his speech- that human rights violation raise terrorism- to act, keep the American practices in countering terrorism in line with the human rights norms and maximize the possibility for a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

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