Thousands Perform Central Ashura Prayers in Manama Despite Authority Ban

2016-10-13 - 9:57 م

Bahrain Mirror: Thousands of Bahraini Muslim Shiites performed prayers in the capital Manama, despite authorities' ban on the central prayers Shiites are accustomed to performing on the ninth day of Muharram, marking the eve of Imam Hussein bin Ali's martyrdom, the third Imam of the Shiites.

During the prayers, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi, deputy Secretary General of al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, delivered his speech for the Ashura occasion.

Sheikh al-Daihi praised in his speech Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, saying, "Peace be upon our leader, wise scholar, and insightful inspiration, and upon the protesters demonstrating in defense of what he represents of religious leadership for the sect, symbolism to the nation, guarantee to peace and Islamic and national unity."

"You, who are protesting in defense of your leader, who is on the path of [Imam] Hussein, will mark with this stance of yours victory, pride and dignity for your religion and people, and a defeat for your enemy," Sheikh al-Daihi went on to say.

He added that their stance on the path of Imam Hussein makes them confident of their stance and the rightfulness of its results, despite the difficulties and pressures they face.

Al-Wefaq's deputy secretary general noted that the demonstrators outside Sheikh Qassim's house translated the meanings of Karbala in protecting religion and responding to targeting it. He clarified that they took upon themselves the renowned ritual and stance of Abass bin Ali (PBUH) when he said, "I will forever defend my religion".

"The repressive measures and attempts to liquidate the existence of the opposition through targeting the figures and institutions are only signs of the regime's weakness against the power and will of the nation, and of the failure of all policies to contain the opposition and silencing it," he also stated.

Sheikh al-Daihi affirmed that the Bahraini people are aware of all the desperate attempts to humiliate and intimate them. He wondered what someone could call the vandalism and humiliation of the Ashura rituals other than a clear targeting and persecution of the Shiite sect in Bahrain.

He further added, "Our demands for radical political change will not stop, because our vision and change project is based on the basis of equal nationalism and political partnership. It is the way that preserves the nation and protects its pride."

The Bahraini opposition figure also clarified that the drive of events in the world is a sign that the victory is inevitable, and things will not remain as they are.

"This 5 year experience proved to all the supporters and followers of the regime that the rights of the nations are not toppled or vanquished, but it rather is firm, and the regime has lost hope in those years," he said.

Moreover, he added, "The regime continues its systematic attack against the Muslim Shiite natives. This explains to the world why this regime arrests Shiite scholars for expressing their opinions, adhering to their rights and demands of their people. It also explains why prisons are filled with thousands of Shiite citizens that are unlawfully held in custody."

On this level, he confirmed that there are around 4000 detainees, and thousands of break ins, torture, assaults on religious rituals, deprivation of thousands of people from their right to work, live, and freedom. "All these are crimes and violations condemned by international organizations," he stressed.

"The regime tried all the means of terrorism and you are still standing high and firm to our stance, project and rights. Then what is the regime doing other than recreate their tools and means?" Sheikh al-Daihi wondered.

"Our demands in real and radical reform that guarantee our dignity, pride, freedom, and right to rule ourselves through political partnership and equal nationalism," he went on to say, adding that the opposition cannot abandon its firm rights.

Furthermore, he believed that the regime is "bankrupt for not committing to the Basioni recommendations, the Human Rights Council, or the international law, but rather violated the principles of the imposed constitution of 2002. It targeted the international organizations, allies and sponsors, which is also evidence to its psychological defeat."

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