Sayed Nasrallah: The Bahraini People Defend a Husseini Leader Besieged in Diraz

2016-10-13 - 4:39 م

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah praised on Wednesday (October 12, 2016), the Bahraini people for their loyalty to their leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim.

In a speech delivered on the day of Ashura before thousands of followers, Sayed Nasrallah said, "This tenth day (of Moharram) comes [this year] at a time when a Husseini leader (Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim) is besieged in Diraz, with mass crowds surround his house to defend their Hussein."

"Ayatollah Qassim is threatened with imprisonment or exile due to false accusations," Sayed Nasrallah added.

He went on to say, "This Ashura we praise the Bahraini people's loyalty to their leader and cause, perseverance to continue the path (...), and adherence to their demands."

"We tell them to be patient and endure it, and remain on the right path which you are on now. Those who oppress you are heading towards the abyss, and the collapse of Al Saud on the hands of the Yemenis will be a relief for the Bahrainis," Hezbollah Secretary General asserted.

Thousands of citizens have been in protest for around 4 months outside the house of the religious leader Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim. This came after a royal decree issued by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa ruled his citizenship revocation, and accused him based on his management of the Shiite religious Khums obligation.

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