Photos: Mass Crowd Commemorates Ashura outside Ayatollah Isa Qassim’s House

2016-10-04 - 8:10 م

Bahrain Mirror: A mass crowd took part in commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the Shiites' third Imam, outside the house of spiritual leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim.

Activists circulated photos on social media networks, showing the participation of hundreds of citizens in the Ashura rituals, outside Sheikh Qassim's house, whose citizenship was revoked in June.

Citizens have been staging an open protest outside Sheikh Qassim's house in Diraz, in protest of the decision that revoked his citizenship, calling on the government to restore Qassim's citizenship and end targeting of the Shia majority.

The open sit-in led to authorities-imposed siege on the town of Diraz, which was met by several governmental criticism. However, the Interior Ministry continued its siege on the town resided by about 30 thousand citizens.

عاشوراء البحرين الدراز

عاشوراء البحرين الدراز 1

عاشوراء البحرين الدراز 2

عاشوراء البحرين الدراز 3

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