MoI Says it Respects Religious Occasions Despite Committing Violations against Ashura Rituals in 15 Villages

2016-10-04 - 1:48 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Chief of Public Security Tariq Al-Hassan claimed that the Ministry of Interior respects all religious occasions, including Ashura. This comes after the ministry took down Ashura banners and attacked those who participated in erecting the banners and flags.

Al-Hassan stated "Police took legal measures regarding a number of violations and that they have already taken legal steps against a number of individuals who were dealt with in accordance with the law."

"There are certain well-known locations where it is acceptable to place flags and slogans," adding that "police dealt in accordance with the law any violations in this regards."

Since the government crushed the wide popular uprising led by Shia to put an end to Al Khalifa monopoly over power, the authorities have punished the Shia majority through tightening the grip on their rights in practicing their religious rituals, let alone the 40 demolished mosques and religious centers.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights said that it documented violations committed by the Ministry of Interior against Ashura rituals in 15 villages, condemning the actions practiced by the authorities against religious beliefs.

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