Clashes Broke out with Ministry of Interior Forces in Abu Saiba Village after Removal of Ashura Banners

2016-10-02 - 10:40 م

Bahrain Mirror: The security forces affiliated to the Ministry of Interior oppressed citizens in Abu Saiba village after citizens rose up in protest of the violations practiced by these forces against the Ashura processions.

Clashes broke out on Sunday (October 2, 2016) between the residents of Abu Saiba village and ministry of interior security forces, who took down some banners related to Ashura.

One of the residents said "We were surprised to see wide number of security men entering the village and trying to remove the banners. When we tried to ask them about the reason of them removing the banners, they used tear gas canisters against us."

Dozens of angry youths, who peacefully protested against the ministry of interior forces, took to the streets and held banners that read angry slogans. However, these forces used teargas canisters against the protestors, which left a number of injured citiznes after being directly targeted.

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