Wa’ad Deems FM Statement Praising War Criminal Peres Unacceptable

2016-09-30 - 6:24 م

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) believed that the statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa praising former Zionist President, Shimon Peres, were unacceptable. They noted that the said statements express the personal opinion of the Minister, and do not represent the opinion of the Bahraini people, who stand in the same trench with the Palestinian people and their struggling factions. The Bahraini people support the Palestinian cause to liberate Palestine, and establish an independent democratic state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Moreover, "Wa'ad" noted that "Shimon Peres, whose death was announced by the Zionist entity, was one of the Zionist leaders were practiced and implemented bloody massacres against the Palestinian people and children, since he set foot on Palestine as a settler, and joined the Zionist Haganah gangs. He is also the hero of the massacres of Operation Grapes of Wrath, and Qana, which took place in the UN Headquarters in South Lebanon in April 1996. He is believed to be responsible for the blood that was shed, along with the Zionist leaders."

Furthermore, "Wa'ad" stressed that the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs published on his Twitter account, in which he said Shimon Peres is a "Man of Peace", is considered to be a drifting statement from Bahrain's official position, and that of its people. The National Democratic Action Society also referred to the Bahraini support of the Palestinian struggle to liberate their land and expel the enemy, adding that the Zionist entity is usurping the Palestinian land and occupying it.

"Wa'ad" confirmed that the Bahraini people, with all its components, stand with the Palestinians who are facing a fierce struggle against the Zionist occupation, and considered Shimon Peres a war criminal, who is supposed to be tried in fair international courts over his crimes and those of Zionist leaders.

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