Open Diraz Sit-In Outside Sheikh Qassim’s House Marks 100th Day

2016-09-29 - 2:58 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini citizens continued their open sit-in protest held outside the house of the Shiite majority spiritual leader in Bahrain, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, in the town of Diraz, marking their 100th day.

Demonstrators continue to chant anti-regime slogans, protesting the sectarian targeting of the Shiite majority and "indigenous population."

On their 100th day, hundreds of protesters gathered around Sheikh Qassim's house, despite the regime's siege on the town, imposed over 3 months ago due to the said protest.

As a result of the open sit-in, the authorities have summoned dozens of citizens and Shiite religious clerics, and arrested most of them after charging them with "illegal public assembly."

The sit-in was launched last June 20 when the authorities announced that they revoked the nationality of the Shiite majority leader, Sheikh Qassim. This therefore led to the Shiite outrage in the country, protests, and demonstrations that are still staged to date in various areas across the island kingdom.

Human Rights organizations have condemned this decision, while Washington and London expressed concern regarding this move, which was also denounced by the United Nations.

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