Bahraini FM Denies Targeting Shiites, Says Gov’t Knows Better about Country than UN

2016-09-28 - 3:33 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, denied the existence of any measures practiced against Shiites or any discrimination against them. He further claimed that the Shiite majority residing in the country is involved in "the government and all aspects of life."

In a prolonged interview with the Saudi Al-Hayat newspaper, he said that the office of the UN Secretary General had written an untrue statement, "in structure and content". The Bahraini Foreign Minister also noted that he did not discuss the matters of "human and economic rights" during his meeting with Ban Ki-moon.

With regard to the United Nations' opinion to what is happening in Bahrain, Khaled bin Ahmad Al Khalifa said, "if the United Nations had this opinion then it is absolutely wrong, and is very far from reality. We know better about what is happening in Bahrain, and the people of Bahrain know what is happening. Many circles around the globe also know what is happening."

"There is no transgression against the minorities or the Shiites. Bahrain is the country with the biggest Shiite representation in the government and different aspects of life, and they are citizens of Bahrain", he added.

Moreover, he pointed out in his interview that "there are no executions, and no targeting of Shiite citizens. There is a practice of the law, whether on the Shiites, Sunnis, Baha'is, Hindus, or any other".

"There is a law, the rule of law is what prevails over everyone. Those who violate the law will be exposed to accountability before the law. And to say that Bahrain is targeting Shiites, that has never happened in History. They reached the highest ranks and positions in Bahrain, and we are proud of that", the Bahraini Foreign Minister further claimed.

On the level of protests taking place in Bahrain, he said that protests and demonstrations are rights guaranteed in the Bahraini constitution.

"However, we are talking about exploiting social circumstances in a successful country that is considered to be one of the best countries in the Human Development Index. [...] This therefore raises questions at our part; what are the motives of focusing on Bahrain? Bahrain is a successful country, and we do not have any problems," he further stated.

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