400 Students Remain Detained with Launch of Academic Year

2016-09-19 - 12:15 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The founder and president of the Bahrain Teachers' Association (BTA), and assistant Secretary General of the Arab Teachers Union, Mahdi Abu Deeb, said, "while students wear their school costumes, carry their school bags and go to their schools, there are 400 students that are detained and deprived from the right to education."

His comments came on his Twitter account with the onset of the new academic year, as he called on students to exert utmost efforts in the next academic year, telling them, "you are our future, our hope, and we believe in you."

Mr. Abu Deeb noted that schools will open today Sunday to welcome tens of thousands of students at the beginning of the new academic year, hoping that they will not suffer from the woes that the country had plunged itself into, and whose impact was apparent in the field of education.

Abu Deeb, who spent five years in prison, said, "we have teachers that are detained, and there aren't any competent institutions to defend them."

In addition, he confirmed that it is the government's full responsibility to overcome all hardships for the sake of the right to education, rather than create hardships. Therefore, "each detained student is in their protection as long as they are detained."





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