Sayed Hachem Al-Haidari: Regime's Move Revoking Sheikh Isa Qassim's Citizenship Will Cost It Its Political Existence

2016-09-16 - 3:28 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Hachem Al-Haidari said that the decision to revoke the citizenship of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim tore the cardboard cover the government has placed around the citizens' demands.

In a speech he delivered in front of crowd of Bahraini students in Qom Hawza on (Wednesday, September 14, 2016) on the eve of Sheikh Isa Qassim's trial, Al-Haidari stressed that "the attack directed against the position of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim increased the resistance spirit of the Bahraini youths."

He added "the ongoing sit-in held by the youths, scholars and clerics outside Sheikh Isa Qassim's house since 3 months resembles a challenge despite the difficulties and if the regime will execute the decision that revokes Sheikh Qassim's citizenship, it will face a catastrophic fate that will cost it its political presence in Bahrain," stressing that "the regime's horizon is closed, because the regimes are to fall and the not people."

الشيخ عيسى قاسم

الشيخ عيسى قاسم

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