Bahraini Boy Remains in Solitary Confinement Despite Prosecution’s Decision to Release Him

2016-09-11 - 3:32 ص

Bahrain Mirror:The family of a young Bahraini boy, Mostafa Al-Motghawi, expressed deep concern over the health and safety of their son. Mostafa Al-Motghawi is in the custody of the authorities and is currently held at the criminal investigations department building. He has been there for 3 days and hasn't been allowed to see a lawyer or any of his family members, who weren't informed about the reason behind his arrest.

Activist Ahmad Al-Motghawi said that his 16-year-old brother Mostafa received a summon on September 4, 2016, asking Mostafa to be present for interrogation at the Budaiya Police station. The following day, Mostafa headed towards the station (Monday September 5). He was then arrested over charges of demonstrating in Diraz, and was kept in custody to be referred later to the Public Prosecution.

Ahmad added that Mostafa was then referred to the prosecution, which decided on Tuesday (September 6, 2016) to detain him for 15 days pending investigations, over charges of taking part in the ongoing sit-in protest held near Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim's house since 3 months ago.

The next day (Wednesday), the prosecution decided - according to a statement - to release the young boy Mostafa "for his young age", after accusing him of breaking laws.

However, activist Ahmad al-Motghawi said, "we were surprised that my brother was then transferred to the criminal investigations department building, despite the prosecutions' decision to release him, and we haven't heard anything about him since then, and his lawyer and family members were not allowed to visit him."

The Bahraini activist went on to say that his brother had contacted his family briefly on Friday (September 9), "pleading us to work for his release", expressing concern that his young brother will be subjected to torture and maltreatment. Ahmad further called on the authorities to release his brother in compliance with the decision of the public prosecution.

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