Al-Shehabi to Bahrain Mirror: Saudi Arabia Is a Cornered Beast, Furious at How Bahraini Uprising Carries on

2016-08-24 - 4:58 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Leader of the Bahrain Freedom Movement Saeed Al-Shehabi said that the world is starting to realize the vicious nature of Saudi Arabia, and that of the dictatorships supporting it in the region, as the military situation in Yemen and legal situation in Bahrain worsen.

On the sidelines of "The International Conference to Support the Yemeni People" which was held on Saturday (August, 20, 2016) and Sunday (August 21, 2016), Bahraini opposition figure, Saeed al-Shehabi, said that the Saudis apparently feel that they have been defeated in Bahrain, stressing that "when you enter a country to stop a revolution and it doesn't stop, then that means you have failed your mission."

"The people [Bahrainis] out there cannot be defeated by force. Also the Yemenis, they have not been defeated despite the enormous superior airpower that is being used by the Saudi aggressors and their backers. People from both countries are paying the price of the Saudi war, which is not called for", al-Shehabi told Bahrain Mirror.

According to al-Shihabi, "the situation in Bahrain is deteriorating because the Saudis are furious at how these people can continue protesting every day, 5 and a half years after they started".

"So they are angry. Saudi Arabia is like a beast that is being cornered and becoming more vicious", the Bahraini opposition figure further stated.

Addressing the Bahrainis, he said that the message to all the Bahraini people has always been to stand against the aggression of the regime in Bahrain.

"This regime which had occupied the country some decades ago must go, and it has proven itself to lack the national credentials to rule", he noted.

Moreover, he highlighted that "when you hand over sovereignty to foreign powers, and totally segregate the natives and identify with the foreign forces, then simply you have forfeited your mission, and thus you are simply illegal", in reference to the Al Khalifa regime.

"I have always called the Al Khalifa regime as illegal, and now that they have targeted the highest religious authority in the country and they have detained more than 70 religious scholars in the past few weeks, I think the time has come for them to just pack and go," he went on to tell Bahrain Mirror.

In regards to any solution in sight, al-Shehabi stressed, "I do not believe there will ever be reconciliation between the native people in Bahrain, Shiite and Sunnis alike, and this tribal regime."

In a deeper look at the Yemeni situation and the efforts to organize "The International Conference for the Support of the Yemeni People", activist Saeed al-Shehabi further asserted that "it is the duty on us all to stand up to the challenges that are posed by the Saudi aggression on Yemen."

"This is an illegal war with unfounded allegations and unjustified aggressions by the Saudis and must stop," he explained. He indicated that it's been over one year on the war on Yemen, and it is a shame that international organizations have allowed such aggression to continue for 18 months without anybody having the courage to say stop, "cease fire". He also said that unfortunately even the United Nations is incapable of saying, "stop this war".

"Every aggression and war in the world, since the second world war, has been addressed and has been called for to stop except this one. Why? Because the Saudis are involved," he added.

"This is why this conference aims at raising awareness that stances must be taken by people, and courage must be present in order to call on the United Nations, the Americans, the British, and the Europeans, to have an immediate ceasefire," al-Shehabi stressed.

Dwelling on the conference's setting, al-Shehabi noted that the conference was attended by people from a large number of countries, many of which are activists involved in one way or another in human rights activism and also in political dynamism.

He hoped that the people present will go back with slightly more awareness and more feeling that there is a dire need for an immediate stoppage of the war, and that the Saudis are behind all these killings that we are witnessing in the Middle East.

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