Bahrain Announces Death of Bahraini Soldier Involved in War on Yemen

2016-08-19 - 10:15 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities announced on Thursday (August 18, 2016) the death of one of its soldiers involved in the Saudi-led war on Yemen.

In an official statement, the authorities stated that "the chief of staff, Diab bin Saqer al-Nuaimi, conducted the funeral rituals in the "Hed" cemetery for Sergeant Isa Abdullah Bader Eid, a member of the Bahrain Defense Force."

The statement allegedly described Bader Eid as a "martyr who took part in the sacred national duty, joining the ranks of the Arab coalition forces at Saudi Arabia's southern border".

Arabic Version

التعليقات المنشورة لا تعبر بالضرورة عن رأي الموقع

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