Bahraini Authorities Crack Down on Protests Staged across Bahrain, Marking Independence Day

2016-08-15 - 4:58 ص

Bahrain Mirror:  Bahraini activists organized today on Sunday (August 14, 2016) protests in a number of areas across Bahrain, marking the country's independence from Britain in 1971.

Demonstrations were staged in various villages including: Al-Daih, Shaherkan, Abu Saibe', Al-Shakhoura, Al-Dair and other areas across the island kingdom. The events were entitled "The Noble People". This slogan was chosen by the February 14 Youth Coalition, who organized these events.

In response, Interior Ministry forces cracked down on demonstrators, who were able to block a number of roads in protest. Regime forces fired tear gas canisters into residential areas and used shotgun (birdshot) pellets to disperse protestors.

Some activists took pictures of the events and the crackdown launched by the security forces, which are mostly made up of foreigners from Pakistan, Yemen, Jordan and Syria. A number of youth were also caught on camera saving an old man, who was suffocating from the toxic tear gas fired by the Saudi-backed security forces.




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