Local Newspaper: Diraz Residents Complain that Relatives Unable to Attend Funerals

2016-08-13 - 9:09 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wasat newspaper said that a number of residents of the town of Diraz, complained that their relatives are barred from entering the area to participate in the burial ceremonies and funerals, or even elegy gatherings held to express condolences for the deceased.

One of the Bahraini families in Diraz complained to the newspaper that sons in law of a deceased man were not allowed to take part in the funeral, in addition to other members of the family who were denied entry to the town. This is due to a security decision to prevent entry to the town of Diraz for nonresidents, since more than 52 days.

The family noted that its members spoke to the official representative of that area, who followed up the issue with security officials to allow the members of the family to enter for the 3 days of mourning. However, once the family members arrived, they were denied entry, despite being promised that they would.

They further pointed out that "many families in Diraz had to hold the elegy sermons outside the area, since people residing outside Diraz were not able to access the town."

"Many residents also held the marriage ceremonies of their children outside of Diraz for the same reason, because even the parents of the bride were not able to enter the area, since they are not residents of the area," they added.

The  families also said that many had to change their plans and hold all their social gatherings and ceremonies in a town near them.

The people of Diraz; however, stated that many prefer to postpone their marriages and social gatherings, hoping that things would return to normal as soon as possible.

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