Two Days After Disappearing, Young Bahraini Man Informs Family He’s Detained by “Security Apparatus”

2016-08-13 - 12:42 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The family of 20-year-old Mohammed Abdul Ameer al-Arab said that it had received a call from him informing them that he is detained by a certain security apparatus, without specifying which one. This came after the family lost contact with him since Tuesday (August 9, 2016), when he went to visit his hometown Bani Jamra. Mohammad's family indicated that he was driving a black "Civic" 2003, holding the plate number 215939.

Mohammad's sister Mariam for her part, told al-Wasat newspaper that their mother made another phone call with her brother at around 9:00 pm Tuesday, at the time when he was on his way to his home located on the ninth roundabout in the Hamad [residential] Town.

"When my mother came back home he wasn't there, so we kept on calling him but his phone was off," Mariam al-Arab added, also noting that he was last seen on whatsapp at 8:00 pm the same night.

"We contacted many security agencies, among which was the Bahrain Defense Forces, since his driving license is new, so we thought he had probably went to a security protected area he was not aware of. We informed the Budaiya police station, which did nothing to help, since his disappearance still did not exceed 24 hours," she further stated.

Mohammad's sister also said that they went to the Criminal Investigations Unit, where officers denied that her brother was in their custody.

She noted that her family contacted her brother's friends who in turn looked for him in all the places they go to, yet they did not find any trace of him or his car.

Mohammad was a university student studying Geophysics at the King Saud University in Riyadh. His family had appealed to all official bodies to coordinate in order to find him as soon as possible.

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