Trial of Civil Sector Employee Launched, over charges of Bribery in Exchange for Car Registries without Examination

2016-08-11 - 1:38 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini High Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Ibrahim al-Zayed, looked into the case of a 28-year-old Bahraini employee at the traffic department, who registers cars without technical examination in exchange for money. The court, whose members include Judges Diaa' Huraidi and Wajih al-Shaer, and Youssef BuHardan as secretariat, decided to postpone the case in order to give time for examination and response.

The Public Prosecution claimed that the employee that in the years 2011, 2014, and 2015, being a public sector employee in the traffic management department, has violated her duties and responsibilities. She issued registration forms for two vehicles stating that they had passed the technical examination, contrary to reality. She also forged official documents of registrations for two cars, and thus misused her signature.

The details of the case came to the surface when a communique from the department of Anti-Corruption Crimes was received stating that investigations of the Traffic department revealed an employee is taking from 12 to 120 Dinars as bribes in exchange for registering several vehicles each year, without being subjected to the technical examination placed by the Traffic department.

A military witness, who owns one of these cars, said that his son is the user of the car, and that he decided to pay someone he doesn't know 50 Dinars in order to register the car without the technical examination, after it had failed before. Indeed, the car was registered without the examination.

The owner of the others car stated that he paid someone he does not know a sum of 120 Dinars in exchange for registering his car without putting it into technical examination.

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