Bahraini Education Ministry Requires Scholarship-Holders Attain Good Conduct Certificate from Interior Ministry

2016-08-10 - 7:13 م

 Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Education required those who have received educational scholarships to go to the nearest police station, in the area near the students' housing, and get a certificate of good conduct from the Ministry of Interior.

According to local al-Wasat newspaper, this year "is the first in which the top-grade students are asked to bring a copy of good conduct certificate from the Ministry of the Interior, since the ministry has asked for the original and copy of the graduation attestation, the original and copy of the transcripts of high school years. It also required a copy of the student's valid passport and that of the parent [or legal guardian], the original certificate of good conduct issued from school, a copy of his birth certificate, and a personal photo. The students who received the scholarships were asked for a copy of the letter of acceptance to the university, the medical examination report and the certificate of good conduct issued by the Ministry of Interior. The authorities also asked for anything that might prove the student's personal bank account."

The authorities seek to enact laws and regulations, and create new conditions in order to exclude the Shiite majority from any services they could receive. Shiite citizens in this regard, are complaining about how the Ministry of Interior is delaying the issuance of the good conduct certificates. This therefore is making them lose their chance in competing for jobs in governmental bodies.

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