Bahrain Parliament to Host Arab Forum on Iranian Threats

2016-08-01 - 10:11 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Kingdom of Bahrain is to host the first edition of the Arab Forum on Iranian threats to Pan-Arab Human Security. The forum is scheduled to be held in the Bahraini capital Manama on August 6, under the auspices of Parliament Speaker, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla.

According to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), the forum plans to "contribute to ending sectarian-tainted conflicts; disseminating tolerance, national reconciliation and acceptance of others in the Arab World."

The organizers said that the forum hopes it would be able to "cement the Arab identity on the basis of common cultural and intellectual bases that stem from deep-rooted Arab history and millennia-old civilization", BNA further reported.

The event will be organized by "The Arab Federation for Human Rights", under the theme "No Rights Without Security". A statement issued by the federation said that "participants in this forum include Arab MPs, Shura Council members, representatives of Arab watchdogs, and UN human rights and development agencies. In addition, the regional office of the UNHCHR, think tanks, leading human rights academic figures and researchers will also take part in the forum."

The forum will also address the alleged "blatant Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries", believing it jeopardizes Arab human security and threatens Arab countries' stability. The organizers claim addressing the Iran topic is due to its attempts to "impose its hegemony on the Middle East and fuel sectarian conflicts in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen."

In their statement, they said that Iran is "adamant on destabilizing Arab countries and subverting their security", they further claimed that Iran was "harboring terrorist and extremist organizations, which threaten the Arab national and human security."

"The Iranian regime succeeded in exploiting the instability which reigned in the region over the past years to expand in the Arab world", the statement noted.

A new collective pan-Arab national strategy is sought to be achieved after the aforementioned topic is discussed. After the proposed strategy is implemented, a team of expert will be formed to confront the alleged Iranian interference.

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