Hillary Clinton Chooses Vice Presidential Candidate who Opposed Arms Sales to Bahrain

2016-07-24 - 10:43 م

Bahrain Mirror: Hillary Clinton, democratic candidate for US presidential elections, chose Tim Kaine, a moderate senator from Virginia, to be her running mate.

Kaine (58 years) signed a letter last month in which he urged the US State Department to rethink arms sales to Bahrain, following the campaign against the political opposition and deterioration of human rights in the country.

The letter addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry on (June 22, 2016) read "we request that the State Department rethink arms sales to the key Gulf ally if Bahrain's leadership cannot protect the rights freedom of speech and freedom of assembly."

Besides Tim, the letter was signed by the Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic Sens. Chris Murphy as well as Ron Wyden.

It is to mention that Tim Kaine is a senate and former governor of Virginia. He was educated at the University of Missouri and Harvard Law School. He was the Mayor of Richmond and then became Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010. He has served as a state representative in the Senate since 2013. Tim masters Spanish language and he is known as a moderate person.

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