Amnesty: Closure of Al-Wefaq Provides Proof that Peaceful Dissent in Bahrain will not be Tolerated

2016-07-21 - 5:09 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Amnesty considered in a statement it published on its website that "the Bahraini authorities' escalating attacks against human rights through the dissolution of the country's main opposition group, Al-Wefaq, is a flagrant attack on freedom of expression and association aimed at silencing opponents and critics," adding that "the closure of Al-Wefaq only provides more proof that peaceful dissent in Bahrain will not be tolerated."

The organization said "the decision to dissolve Al-Wefaq is an assault on freedom of expression and association," adding "The Bahraini authorities presented no credible evidence to show that al-Wefaq is anything but a peaceful opposition movement."

Amnesty believes that "the court judgement has provided no clear reasoning to support the assertion that the Twitter posts in question supported" or incited violence."

"Sheikh Ali Salman is a prisoner of conscience who was unfairly jailed for charges of inciting hatred, promoting disobedience and criticism of public institutions," Amnesty considered.

Amnesty further stated "encouraging peaceful protests, peacefully criticizing the Bahraini authorities and laws, and calling on the international community to play an active role in support of genuine reform in Bahrain are not legitimate grounds for closing al-Wefaq or any other peaceful opposition group."

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