Bahrain: ISIS Inmates Receive First-Class Treatment...Other Inmates Break their Fast on Kushari

2016-06-19 - 11:50 م

Bahrain Mirror: Prisoners in Dry Dock Prison told their families that they wish they receive the same treatment as detainees arrested over establishing a branch for the terrorist so-called Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and get the same food.

The prisoners said that the crisis they are suffering from in the Dry Dock prison has aggravated; food has become little and bad, not suiting fasting at all.

Prisoners told their families that "after the escape case, we were badly treated. Threats are continuous against us and severe punishments are ready in case of any mistake is done or any discussion between an inmate and a policeman is made. We are literally living a misery. We don't see the sun. We only have one day in the week to go out to the outer yard (fence), however, the prison's administration made it at 3p.m, that makes it impossible for inmates to go out due to intense heat and burning sun, in addition of being fasting."

As for their conditions during Ramadan, one of the inmate said "there is no enough food. We break our fast on disgusting Kushari meal or rice mixed with some chickpea. Sometimes they bring us a badly-prepared meat, noting that the chicken is so small and we only receive small portions. We feel hungry and can't find anything to eat. We ask our families to give us money to buy things from the small shop (the canteen), but one can only find some cacao there. We have repeatedly asked the prison's administration to supply it some cheese, tuna and canned meat to buy with our own money. However, our demands were not met."

Concerning the detainees pending investigation over establishing a branch for ISIS, one of the inmates said "ISIS inmates are put in a cell block alone. They are well treated by police officers. One of the officers was seen while giving his own cell phone to one of these inmates to make a private call and another officer took a selfie with group of these inmates."

He continues saying "they receive the best treatment and best food. They are not being handcuffed like us when they go out to visit the clinics and hospital. We have seen them shouting at officers when only ordering them to do something. An inmate told another one from our cell block: if a police tries to maltreat you just tell me."

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