US State Department Expresses Deep Concern over Nabeel Rajab's Arrest

2016-06-14 - 9:42 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The US State Department expressed its deep concern regarding the arrest of President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights and prominent human rights defender Nabeel Rajab, stressing that they have raised their concern about his arrest with the Government of Bahrain via their embassy in Manama.

"We're deeply concerned that Nabeel Rajab was arrested from his home this morning. We do not, at this point, know what charges have been leveled against him," said Deputy Spokesperson, Mark C. Toner during the daily press briefing on Monday (June 13, 2016).

"We don't believe anyone should be imprisoned for or prosecuted for engaging in peaceful expression or assembly, even if controversial. We are following the case very closely," he added.

"We have raised our concern about his arrest with the Government of Bahrain. I assume via our embassy there," Toner further stated.

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