Bahrain's FM Says High Commissioner's "Powerless": We Won't Waste our Time Listening to him

2016-06-14 - 12:02 ص

Bahrain Mirror: In a first official response to the speech of  the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein, in which he criticized the suppression practiced by the Government of Bahrain against its citizens, Bahrain's Minister of Foreign Affairs Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa said that the high commissioner "has no power", adding that his country won't waste its time listening to Al-Hussein's speech.

"We will not stop the reform journey of our king. We will not allow anyone to undermine our security and stability and we'll not waste our time listening to a powerless high commissioner," said the foreign minister in a tweet posted on his personal Twitter account.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights criticized the ongoing crackdown launched by the Bahraini authorities against its citizens, stressing that these practices will not put an end to the people's grievances but will increase them.



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