Bahraini Court Fines Policeman 100 BD over Beating Detainee

2016-06-10 - 11:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Special Investigation Unit (SIU) said on Thursday (June 9, 2016) that the court of appeals fined a policeman 100 BD for beating a detainee in Jaw Prison.

Deputy Chairman of the SIU Mohammed Khalid Al-Hazza said that the Third High Criminal Court acted as a Court of Appeals regarding the SIU's appeal against the court ruling that acquitted a policeman of physically attacking an inmate. The court overturned the acquittal sentence and fined the policeman 100 BD.

According to the case files, a policeman assaulted an inmate at the Reform and Rehabilitation Directorate on June 30, 2015. The SIU launched its investigations into the incident, and questioned the victim and witness, Al-Hazza said. He added that the report of the SIU's forensic expert found that the victim sustained injuries that were consistent with his account of the incident. The SIU also questioned the suspect, and ordered his referral to the Lower Criminal Court which on March 17 acquitted him of the charges raised against him. However, the SIU was not satisfied with the acquittal verdict, and used its legal rights to challenge it.

The Third High Criminal Court acting as an appeals court accepted the appeal and found the defendant guilty.

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